Saturday, December 19, 2009


It was sometime in September. I don remember the date exactly. But it was sure fun time for me. I was flirting with a gal in another department, was not committed to her of course but sure did have my highs whenever I talked to her. Come onnn! It was my third year in college and I was still single. Hmmmmmm….. Its not that I was Mr. Ugly duckling (Though my inner most inferiority complex feels that I am) or I was wrongly attracted to my fellow mates. It’s just that I didn’t have the guts to talk to gals. Though odd it may sound but that’s a fact for almost 85% of the South Indian boys, especially the guys from the REAL SOUTH. So, after being achieved something commendable (talking to a gal, of course) I was still void of really impressing her. It was the time of our intra college fest called INTRAMS. Yup! And we guys from 3 rd year Bsc CT were active participants of the Student’s Union (Hell we designed the first stunning SU logo). And due to these reasons and peer pressures and a lotta pushing and fussing around I entered the competition called Mr. Character And Personality (Mr. Intrams in the real sense). I was naturally good at public speaking, an art inherited from Comrade Veeraraghavan (My good old dad ;-)

Coming to the competition, it involved various rounds from extempore character enacting, situation handling, story writing, and question answering (from judges). But, my dear friends, my single motive there was only one thing ;-), it’s about time I showed that sleazy talking, smooth behaving, filthy money splurging babe magnets, that what a roughened up guy from the South could do what they cannot! (Well…. This was apart from impressing that gal I talked about earlier). So, the competition started and there I was before an 800 odd crowd of students. Well… what could I say being a part of the Student’s Union has its own perks. I did not just enter the stage but I arrived, I appeared, Hell I ENETERED like I owned my college, to the music of “If ya smelllllllll!!!! “. There I had smashed the first ball to the boundary with my entry. And then it began. I remember the great moments of my greatest moment in college. Following are few of the questions and the answers to which the crowd went ga ga,

Q: You are a doctor in a sinking ship. Only one man could be saved from the ship. How would you convince people to save you?

A: If my one life is saved…. Someday I would save a million lives through my service!

( The crowd applauded)

Now, there is this great welcoming for something different. People require something new…. People require something electrifying. I played my part very well that day to do that. And to boost my morale, I got a sms from my very good lady friend (the other department) “Hey u wr ossom!”.

Uh ha ha ha ;-), mission on right track.

Q: Who’s your inspiration?

A: The most ELECTRIFYING man in sports entertainment “Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson”. (Trust me; he’s a man who has undergone a lot of physical and mental sufferings in order to get to where he is right now).

Task: Act like a split personality.

DONE!!!.... Wonderfully (well I guess every dog has its day and that was mine ;-)

Q: What is happiness?

A: I see my happiness in the eyes of the ones who believe me, who love me…. I see my happiness in them (And I pointed to the crowd and that was it!…. I felt the electricity in me what Che Guevara would have felt when he addressed his revolutionaries…. The crowd went mad in cheering me)

It was sealed. Though I was clumsy in the last round of story writing, not that I lacked imagination, it was just because I was a very slow writer.

“And now……. Mr. Character And Personality award for this year goes to my very good friend………………..” and the next words were the best I had ever heard……

“Mr. Vijay Ram Kumar”. Yes, the crowd was there along with me in celebrating my happiness, cheering for me, applauding me. It was a very long time since such a huge number of people were cheering for a no body like me. Oh ho, no more, the era of MR. Intrams had begun in my life ;-) I was the king, top of my world. And when I exited the stage, there were like 50 fully grown guys waiting for me……….. well they were my friends of course, but in boy language if you are really happy for the other guy, then beat him up in order to congratulate him. Yes I was given the worst beating of my life. I did some crowd surfing, people lifted me, dropped me down, literally kicked by butt (they were REALLY HAPPY for me) ya ya it was fun ;-) (Hmmmm the good old days). But the best part was at the end of the crowd, there was someone from the fairer sex (other department) was waiting to congratulate me. Oh ho, and my friends, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! “Hasi toh fasi” ( as Aamir said in RDB) hmmmmmmm, finally a gal (other department) who feels that I was someone, I do not know whether the feeling was boyish or not but it was really good, a sense of accomplishment, I had gained respect, I had won hearts and my friends forget the gal who sent me the sms and congratulated me (other department) at the end of the crowd…… there was someone more important (who was not even in that crowd itself), someone else who would later become the one for me, the most important one for me. Yup, life is interesting because we do not know its turns and twists. And my story had taken a whole new path, which I would describe in some other post. For now, I had really wooed some one and won her heart, someone with whom I had talked in a very weird way for the very first time just the day before my competition, someone so silent that in all the chaos I had even forgotten to thank her.

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