Thursday, December 24, 2009

The eve before Intrams.....

PSG Tech, CBE, Hmmmmm it was a different identity all together. Life was good, 3rd year of college. Juniors and sub juniors to abide by your will, a girl to flirt, oh yeah, life was great! It was the eve before INTRAMS, the intra college competition at our college (Plz do read Mr. Intrams b4 thiz). And college fests really were a magical time. For one, you see your college in a festive mood all dressed up like a beautiful blushing bride, pretty loud music was being pumped out of pumped up speakers, and the best part was when you were INCHARGE of the stage design and event management committee. Oh yeah, there was the real fun, you could boss people around, command respect and stuff, ah it was very addictive to us. But never did we once use it in the wrong way, trust me except for the special privileges given to a few, we were clean. I had enrolled for this Mr. Character and Personality competition. I and my friend Rajesh were on our way to college from the hostel. Now Mr. Rajesh, was the dude ;-), guys he was a real babe magnet. But he is a real warm person by heart. He was different from those other filthy guys who used to call themselves as dudes. Now, if you are a babe magnet and really different from the rest of those in your category, you are definitely sure of attracting some serious attention. Hmmmmm, and so did he, ah at times I was jealous of this guy! (I still am) but still he’s my very best friend. My soul mate infact and who knew that he ll help me recognize my true love. Now coming back to our story, we were on our way to the college when suddenly Rajesh’s phone rang. He answered and there were these gals on the other side teasing and mocking him. He tried to ask who they were but our mystery callers were not ready to reveal who they were. Hmmm, now I did not know why he did that but gave his phone to me and said that “plz get rid of them yaarrrrrr” (hmmm thanks to my reputation of scaring gals around, come on what do I look like, a rapist?!). I thought, right away your royal dudeness. No, really these kind of chances seldom come (to talk to a set of gals) and moreover I was in a very good mood. I got his phone and dialed the number from which the last call had come. “Someone” picked up the call and there were no gang of gals but a single feminine voice, hm! So long for my luck,

Me: Hello….. Is this Pepsi Uma? (A famous dial in a song show host in TN)

Other side: Hello….. Hello…… (And, the line got cut!)

Now, the voice was a bit familiar but my very good friend here reassured me that it was nobody he or I knew. Hmmmmm, I called again,

Me: Hello, Pepsi Uma!, can u plzzzzzz play this song for me plzzzzzz..

OTS: Of course… Of course and laughter…. (it really seemed a little familiar, but how on earth could I doubt my friend)

Me: “Meh kaun banega crorepati se Amitabh Bachchan bhol raha hun”

OTS: Laughs out loud……. ;-)

Now, it’s time to go for the kill!

Me: (Gathering all my boldness and at the peak of my good mood….) Hi… if you are free tomorrow shall we go for a movie plzzzzzz?!

OTS: (……. Total silence……..) We ll see about that in the class tomorrow!

What da ****!!!!!!, I recognized this voice…. It was Priyadarsini Swaminathan, from my class, the gal whom I have not even spoken once and here I am in a situation (thanks to my FRIEND!) asking her out for a movie. What blunder have I done, I’m finished, would she complain to the head of the dept? ;-( would she call her parents and would her dad abuse me and file a case on me for asking her gal out? ;-( No no no, I was going too far thinking about it. Before I could recover from the shock, there was Mr. Rajesh, grinning from ear to ear, giving those looks like, “You are dead meat, boy!, uh ha ha ha” (I could literally hear him laugh in his mind). He just said, “Ho…. ho…. Going for a movie eh?” and for the next 2.5 kms, till we reached our fagging spot, he teased me by all kinds he could, starting from, “you both make a good pair”, to how our newborn baby would look! I pleaded to him, “Rajesh plz, let this be between us”, he said, “what!? (He was so shocked as if I had asked him a billion Euros!) The next few hours went by, with him blackmailing me, teasing me..... And thank God! he was summoned by seniors for a designing work or something. By the time I reached my room, the forest fire had spread along with the latest news, “Vijay asks Priya out for a movie!” (Yeah yeah how sensational) Sometimes I wonder is light really the fastest thing in existence? Hmmmmm if only rumor was a thing, it would have bet the crap outta light! I thought, “okay, you ve committed a blunder, lets set things right tomorrow by apologizing to her”. Yeah, I ll do it the first thing after my Intrams stunt. The next day I won that competition and the weekend arrived. Hmmmmm, I thought guys would have by now forgotten it and I went to the class as usual. I was wrong! People started shouting movie names around, asking each other out for movies (just to mock me) and by now her friends had started teasing her too. They called out her name deliberately whenever I used to enter the class, place my record note above her’s and ultimately people even changed her name as “Mrs. Intrams” in their mobiles. Now, this was getting way out of hands. Then one normal day we had gone for a movie together (our whole class). People were just done mocking and teasing us for the same colour dress we had worn that day (coincidences as I say are real funny things) The movie was Ghajini (the tamil version, a beautiful love story) and in the interval, a guy in our class got up and challenged the both of us to prove that we are “not in love!”. What?! I have heard of people “proving their love”, but, how on earth am I gonna prove that I’m not in love with this gal?! The solution arrived shortly. We were supposed to look each other into our eyes for 2 mins continuously without looking away. Oh, yeah I would have pulled out the eyes of the guy who suggested this stupid idea and then looked at it for hours together but looking into a gal’s eye, impossible man ;-( I rejected the idea and looked away, as far away in the opposite direction as possible but Miss. Priya was too brave and hell bent on proving that she was not in love with me and accepted the challenge and started staring at me, not my eyes but just at me and not even 2 secs into the challenge, she backed out blushing, smiling and looking away. What?! She blushed?! I thought, “What’s happening here, is a movie being played on the screen or in my life?” And after that I thought really hard about why did she look away? Why, during the movie’s interval, did I hide the cigarette in front of her? Why did I do that? I wondered, really hard, all night, all through out the next day and then….. for the first time, I started having a good look at Priya. Well, what could I say………. I really liked the way she smiled. The next day I liked the way she spoke to her friends and really wished that, if only I was her friend ;-( the day after that my eyes scanned for her in my class, without my friends noticing it. My days became very beautiful as I was seeing her all day and my all ready dreamy nights became more colourful………. And one fine night, 13th November 2005 ;-) to be exact, I got a msg from someone, “Goodnight…….. Sweet dreams” and I had a billion dollar smile already adorning my face when I saw the number from which the msg had come…….. I pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming. How can this happen? Was it addressed to someone else? I thought, come on yaar, it’s just a “Goodnight” msg. But, to me it was like, “my dear most Vijay, I have msg ed you. Now be a man and reply me….” Or did she really mis sent the msg? What do I do now? What can a guy who really wants to be friends with a gal do? I knew that one wrong msg would blow up all the chances I had. Hmmmmm, after thinking hard, I sent one of the most stupid replies of my life! “What suddenly goodnight!” Yup, I did it deliberately….. somehow I felt that she would reply me, somehow I felt that she had not mis sent this msg to me and somehow in the depths of my heart I was developing a corner for her, which was so soft that it could be shattered by the beep of a single wrongly addressed msg from her………… and my Priya did not disappoint me ;-)

With luv,



  1. Hey Vijay, i never knew this... But interesting though... :)


  2. i was around in the same campus when u became Mr Intrams.. :-) but was unaware of all this that happened behind the scenes in your class.. :-)

    probably the most romantic story i have heard in recent times!!! congrats bro!!! Happy for you!! :)

  3. luv ur story vijay, if given a chance wud definately depict ur REAL life into a REEL life...

  4. Very interesting Vijay... And indeed very romantic too... May god bless you both with all the best things in life...